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OTHER GREAT NONDA PRODUCTS that WE love & recommend

By: Eric from ModernDayFamilyMan.com

Today's cars are expensive but they include some really cool tech. If you have an older car like me that runs great but you want some of those cool tech things that you see in newer cars, in you car, then you want to check some of the products from Nonda. They have a product line just for us called ZUS.  They make great products to bring our older car up to today's technology standards.  Some are just for convenience and some are must-have safety upgrades. Let's check  their newest release the Nonda ZUS Smart Backup Camera. 

PROs- easy & fast to install, wireless, award winning app, works with other ZUS products within the same app, good resolution of the high definition video, 170 degree view, 

CONs- potential theft or manipulation of backup camera, only up to 3 months battery life (I got a low battery warning after HEAVY testing use to make this video, which was about a 10 days), if your phone is connected to your home's wifi and your ZUS camera is within the same area you can not automatically connect to the camera's wifi (you have to manually change networks before you can active the camera or stay on LTE for internet use in your house), camera angle is not adjustable so most will not be able to see their bummer to see how close you really are to something,  hassle to find the app and then you have to wait for the camera to connect (didn't take that long but still not ideal), night vision does not work (it only changes from color to black & white,) 

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