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POD 3 GPS Tracker

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By: Eric from ModernDayFamilyMan.com

Next to having a lost kid, a lost pet is the second worst nightmare. But with today's technology, we can now know when your pet wanders off to far and find them quickly if they leave your site. A couple of years ago we couldn't do this without a ton of money and lots of batteries. Let's check out the most recent technology to come out to see if its a must have item for every pet owner. 

POD 3 is also awesome for drones.

See the coverage map here - 

PROs -  Good size for most pets, can be used on other things besides pets, module system with accessories,  good battery life management (Bluetooth, WiFi, zones), good user-friendly app,  reasonable date cost, pet activity monitoring, 

CONs - It uses a proprietary charging dock that is easy to lose (Would be nicer if it was micro-USB), Bulky (it looks wired and is also kinda too big for small-medium dogs, plus it can easily get snagged on something if your pet is in tight quarters),