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TIle Mate Vs Chipolo Plus

TILE PRO & MAte 2018

Tile's first complaint and a million more after was that it didn't have a replaceable battery and that you had to buy a new tile every year. Well, that is no longer true. You can now have the Tile Pro and the Tile Mate both with replaceable batteries.  Plus now, Tile is offering a paid Tile Premium Service filled with additional features. Let' check it out. 

PROs - now with replaceable battery, sound level has increased,  works with Siri, Alexa & Google Home

CONs - water resistance has decreased to IP655 standards, Bigger & thicker than their previous models, no key ring or other attachment device is included, battery life is only 1 year,  To get the new additional features you have to paid for theTile Premium Service  where other trackers give the same features for free, Smart Alerts does not work at all. 

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