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Drones like to fly away, children go missing, cars get lost and stolen, and elderly parents and kids like to wander off. With so many advancements in technology the stuff you see on TV is coming to reality. You can now find the stuff that you're looking for just with a few clicks on your phone. The new GPS tracker from Trackimo has upgraded to 3G and Wifi to help find your stuff faster, cheaper, and with less effort. Lets check it out.

PROs- small, light weight, 3G, Wifi, Bluetooth, only $5 monthly service charge after the first year, replaceable battery, 

CONs- finding beep is not loud, finding beep takes a while to ring after you hit the button, settings for SMS and email notifications can only be set in the website and not in the app, no sale of replacement backing parts (just incase you lose or break the backing)

TrackIMO (3g)

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