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ADDITIONAL DISCLOSURE:  All Chipolo review units were provided by Chipolo for an honest review.  Read more about MDT's Ethics, here. 

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 Chipolo also makes a version that is slightly louder and water resistant called the Chopolo Plus

I have been loving my Chipolo Plus. They are exactly what I wanted in Bluetooth tracker. It has helped me find my keys and other things so many times.  The downside is the non-replaceable battery that runs out in about a year. But Chipolo also makes a version that has a replaceable battery. With all the same great features that are in the Chipolo Plus that are just not seen in their competitors.

PROS: The ability to track even "without" the app running in the background (Chipolo wake), in & out of range notifications (tethering) with e-fence quiet zones, replaceable battery

CONS:   The button is hard to find and press, sound level is not close to where they claim it to be,  the quiet zones are not honored 100% of the time but it is about 90%,  lost & found community is not large enough, not water resistant, battery last only up to 6 months (Low battery warning comes on around 3-4 months but didn't fully die for another few months)

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