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This is the one you must get and try. If you have been looking at blue-tooth trackers, then you have to try this one. They contacted me and told me they wanted to take on Tile and I didn't think they had a shoot but after receiving the product and tested it. They blow me away by accomplishing the impossible. Check out this video ----->

PROS: The ability to track even "without" the app running in the background (Chipolo wake), in & out of range notifications (tethering) with e-fence quiet zones, 

CONS:  Non-replaceable battery (but they do have second model called Chipolo Classic that you can change, sound level is no-where close to where they claim it to be,  the quiet zones are not honored 100% of the time, but it is about 90%,  lost & found community is not large enough

 Chipolo also makes a version with a replaceable battery called the Chipolo Classic.  


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(Affiliate link)

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