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Check out the original CUBE

Check out the CUBE PRO from CES 2018

Cube Shadow is thin bluetooth tracker for your laptop, tablet, or wallet. It is perfect to put onto your child's iPad and when she come to you when she loses and it happens to have a dead battery, you'll still be able to find it.  

PROS: Rechargeable battery, ability to charge it while it's still glued onto something, loud buzzer, free Out of Range Notifications, Selfie Feature, Multiple Ringtones for the cube and for the phone, Crowd Finder feature, ability to see last location of  your Cube or Phone on a computer, ability to ring your phone from a computer

CONS:   smaller crowd finder community than other major brands, no Google or Siri integration, Wifi Quiet Zone not always honored, battery life only around 2-3 months.

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