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Tile's biggest complaint is not having a changeable battery. No one likes to replace their Tiles every year.  KeySmart has teamed up with Tile to come up with the KeySmart Pro. KeySmart is a great Key Organizer that also has a "rechargeable" TILE built-in. Let's check it out!!

PROs- Built-in Tile Tracker, rechargeable, organizes up to 10 keys and accessories, many accessories available(see list below), 

CONs - cost too high, battery last only 1.5 months in my test (little use), Smart Alerts (only for some users and certain Tiles -beta) does not work at all, loop & bottle opener combo can make it more difficult to use the other keys on that same side (might be better if they were two separate accessories)

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NOW Available in Multiple Colors

KeySmart Pro

You might want to use a rubber grommet like this one from Lowes or your local hardware store, but it isn't required.

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