Lockly is one of the most advanced smartest smart locks on the market today. It has 5 different ways of locking & unlocking.

  1.  Use the Lockly App (Bluetooth or Wi-Fi (Wi-Fi  Hub required)
  2. Normal Key (key included)
  3. Keypad with Pin Genie Technology
  4. 3D FingerPrint Scanner
  5. Voice Assistants (Alexa or Google) (Wi-Fi  Hub required)

Lockly has won many awards for it's PIN Genie™ Technology. A simple but genius system that prevents third-party onlookers and hackers from guessing your code. It features a unique randomized digital keypad every time the lock is approached. With normal smart locks, over time the oil in your skin can fade and wear off they numbers that you constantly press, allowing people to guess your code even faster and easier. However, with the random movement of the Pin Genie Technology, you won't have that issue since you press all buttons/areas consistently.  The keypad can also be set to privacy mode (off), as well as disable after multiple incorrect codes for added security.

It is also compatible with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa allowing you to check the status of an open or closed door, as well as lock and unlock simply using your voice. Whenever you try to unlock with voice, it will always ask you for a voice code that you set up previously preventing easy break-ins. For voice activation to work though, you will need the Wi-Fi Hub.

With the Secure Pro models, it comes with a wireless door sensors and Wi-Fi hub. The wireless door sensor provides real-time, accurate information on the status of your door, whether it's securely shut or still open. The Wi-fi Hub allows you to use the app to remotely lock/unlock when your not home. 

The Secure Pro/Plus models featuring an advanced biometric 3D fingerprint sensor includes a capacitive sensor that uses an electrical current that will only activate with actual fingers, ensuring security and speed when unlocking your door.

All models have Offline Access: Lockly’s product line is the only series in the world that generate multiple access codes with no internet connection, which can be sent via text message. Which is great for bed & breakfasts.


Lockly Secure Pro Latch Edition 

Lockly Secure Plus (no Wifi Hub or Door Sensor)

Lockly Secure (no Fingerprint Scanner, Wifi Hub or Door Sensor)

PROs - Pin Genie Techlognolgy,  3D FingerPrint Scanner, Super Fast-Opening with FingerPrint Scanner,  Works with Alexa & Google Home with Wi-Fi hub, 

CONs - Kinda pricey, Doesn't support HomeKit,  Log doesn't log failed attempts, no notification of door unlocking/locking (only opening and closing if you have the door sensor), No auto-unlock feature, 


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