Owl Dash Cam version 2 with Dual Cameras 4G LTE wireless connection to your cell phone so you can check up on your car anytime you want.  For Crashes, Dents, Stops & Break-ins. I did end up returning it and I made a video why. (below)

PROs: Dual  Cameras, 4G connection, OK presto feature (instant clip), guard mode up to 72 hours with notifications and battery saver, live drop-in, free replacement if stolen (read con below), easy install, uses OBD port for constant power, White LED for break-ins,

CONs: price, yearly service fee, limited credits/minutes included,  fee for crash response service, only 120° FOV (not wide enough), small internal memory that does not save footage as advertised (they say up 14 days but I get 2 days with only driving 1 hour a day), no cloud storage,  requirement of video footage for replacement of stolen camera (thief can unplug the camera quickly and take the camera thus there will not be any video), no internal battery, no infrared lights for inside camera (can't see cabin at night), inside camera only 720p, 


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By: Eric from ModernDayFamilyMan.com

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OWL dash CAM