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World's First "Wireless Rechargeable" Wallet Tracker Bluetooth Tracker from SafeDome. You now don't have to worry about propriety wires or buying a new Bluetooth tracker ever year. You can simply set your wallet down on a Qi Charger and it will wirelessly charge the Safedome. It will then be ready anytime you need to find it.

PROs: wireless rechargeable, super thin, out of range notifications (with decent quiet zones and false notification preventer, Bluetooth 5 (distance test coming), 

CONs: sound level is extremely low, doesn't work on iOS devices without the app running in the background, no crowd finding feature, no selfie feature

Battery test is underway, please add your email to the right and I'll email you when the results are done. Distance video will be out shortly, subscribe and stay tuned.


1st Battery Charge - 07/18/19 

Filming & testing  during this period

2nd Battery Charge 10/03/19

By: Eric from ModernDayTech