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The Indoor SimCam is a quality, clear security indoor home camera. The technology on the camera makes it a nice upgrade to any smart home. I'd recommend the camera with some notes. The initial set up was frustrating due to the case sensitive requirements and then a continuous green light blinking that led to no app detection during initial set up. Additional attempts to install were ultimately successful. It would have been helpful to have the app auto-suggest setting options upon initial login. Although it's fairly intuitive, it requires self-discovery since no manual was included in the packaging. Once the camera was set up, the picture itself was very clear both during the day and at night. The motion detection alerts to the phone quickly. I found the AI detection to work inconsistently so it's not entirely reliable. Perhaps software updates will resolve that. Focus object monitoring is a neat feature where you are alerted when a particular object that you've selected is moved. The rotation is nice but it is noisy. A quieter, more discreet rotation is preferred. I would like an option to rotate up or down as well. I placed my camera behind a bar for personal security and safety and it is great for that purpose. Overall the SimCam is a nice camera and I think the technology is heading in the right direction.

- Clear picture
- Night vision is just as clear
- The ability to have a view that you can rotate is nice
- Alerts motion quickly
- Nice to have the option to delineate between animal, car

and human movement though it seems a bit temperamental

ADDITIONAL DISCLOSURE:  SimCam review unit was provided by SimCam for an honest review.  Read more about MDT's Ethics, here. 

By: Julie 

SimCam 1S Home Security Camera

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 - The set up was not hard but did not work correctly the first few times I tried
- Regarding set up, no English instructions were included in the packaging
- The app needs to specify using cap sensitive email. Usually, passwords are case sensitive but I would not expect email to also be unless noted.
- Noisy when you manually move the camera via the app. If there is someone there I would prefer to be more discreet if I’m moving the view.
- Easy, but almost too easy, to alert 911. I do not prefer this option.