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By: Eric from ModernDayTech

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Wyze Lock is the next affordable smart home product from Wyze. Turn a normal deadbolt into a smart home lock within minutes and do it without breaking the bank. 

PROs - cheap at only $90, retro-fit an existing deadbolt, Awesome Door Position Detection system without additional hardware sensor or magnets installed, quick & easy installation, 

CONs - No integration with Alexa or Google (announced to be released in 2020 though), no integration with Homekit or IFTTT, no two-factor authentication needed to secure locks better,  requires Wyze Gateway (included) it won't work on any other Zigbee hub,  Auto-Unlock feature now works but only when I'm outside the pre-set area for an est. 30 minutes or more. (I tried driving 2-3 miles away and coming right back and it still doesn't auto-unlock), Battery Life

Battery Life:

New - January 9, 2020

replaced March 29, 2020

replaced June 15, 2020

FYI: If you have to push, pull, or lift your door (no matter if its a little or lot) to lock your deadbolt, you need to make sure you have your door adjusted properly so the deadbolt works properly. No matter what Smart Lck you get, your deadbolt needs to be aligned perfectly to work properly.