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VIDEO CORRECTION: The $100 rate for Professional monitoring is only for the first year. Then it goes up to $200 a year.

By: Eric from ModernDayTech

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ADDITIONAL DISCLOSURE:  Abode review units were provided by Abode for this review.  Read more about MDT's Ethics, here. 


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ABODE SEcurity system

The Abobe Security System is a DIY Security System that becomes apart of your smart home. But it is something that you should have? It works with Homekit, Alexa, & Google Home, plus it has Zigbee & Z-wave communications connecting all your favorite smart products.

PROS - works with Alexa, Google Home & Homkit, affordable DIY Security System, lots of different accessories,  24/7 monitoring plan is super cheap for the first year @ $100 prepaid.

CONS - must purchase a plan now for video recording automation email notification & more that use to be with a free basic plan, only door/window sensors and motion doctors are exposed to Homekit Alexa & Google Home, no other Abode accessory nor any other abode compatible device (ZigBee, Z-wave, etc) is exposed to Alexa, Google Home or Homekit via Abode gateway.