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At ModernDayTech, honesty and disclosure are paramount. Our ultimate goal is fairness – to you, our viewers/readers, and to the manufacturers. This is why we do not accept payment for positive reviews.

ModernDayTech receives (and buys) hundreds of products for review each year. In the process, most are used and tested hard and either returned to the manufacturer or kept for long-term testing.

Accepting a product for testing is in no way a guarantee for a positive review, and ModernDayTech staff has a strict policy of objectivity, including identifying flaws and weaknesses as well as good points in every product.

ModernDayTech does publish occasional sponsored videos & articles, which are paid advertisements that we will mention/mark them as sponsored content. Sponsored content comprises less than 1% of all content on ModernDayTech. 

  • In general, we only write about the products we actually like.
  • Yes, most of our reviews are not entirely negative. That’s because if we don’t like a product much, we simply don’t review it. We think that there are enough products out there, that there’s no need to waste our time or the time of our readers/viewers on crappy products that we don’t like. 
  • We do buy some of our own products for review, however, this can become fairly costly. So we do accept product samples from manufacturers, company representatives, retailers, or PR firms, and we most often keep samples whether we review the product that is sent or not.
  • Whether we review a product that is submitted to us or not, is at our sole discretion.
  • We make NO promises to manufacturers or their representatives to review their products or to review them favorably.
  • We try very hard to be fair and consistent in our reviews and ratings.
  • From time to time we may allow companies to sponsor reviews. If a review is sponsored, we will acknowledge the sponsor in some way within the context of the review and in the video description.  Even if the video is sponsored, it does not mean that we endorse the product. If we like the product, we will say,  If we don't, we will say that too. 
  • From time to time we may allow companies the opportunity to sponsor giveaways and contests. Generally, we only give away a product that we like, however, our contests do not constitute our endorsement of the product/s being given away.