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Hello! I'm Eric, better known in the digital world as the ModernDayTech. You might also recognize me as ModernDayFamilyMan, MDFM, or simply ModernDay. 
I'm passionate about technology and hands-on projects. My goal is to share my experiences and discoveries to help you and your family navigate the tech world and DIY adventures. Join me as I explore, learn, and share insights to make your family's journey more enjoyable and informed!

Amy is a content editor and editorial contributor for ModernDayTech. She focus a lot of the back end of things for website, youtube channels and other social media. With years of experience in digital media, she have developed a keen understanding of what makes online content resonate with audiences. From content planning and SEO optimization to video editing and social media strategies, she handles the intricate details that make our digital content stand out.

Amy cherishes her time spent indulging in the vibrant world of makeup, finding joy in discovering new products and trends. Her passion extends to shopping, where she delights in selecting unique pieces that reflect her personal style. In her moments of relaxation, she relishes the tranquility of sleep, recharging her energy for the adventures of daily life. At the heart of her world is her family; she is happily married and a devoted mother to a wonderful daughter, both of whom are her greatest sources of inspiration and joy.

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