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Power Strip Comparison Chart (Specs from Manufacturer)

Eve Power StripKooGeek Power StripVocoLinc Power Strip
Price$99.95 (click for current price)
$49.99 (click for current price)
$38.99 (click for current price)
HomeKit IntegrationYESYESYES
Alexa Integration
Google Home IntegrationNOYESYES
APP IntegrationiOS & Android AppsiOS & Android Apps
iOS & Android Apps
Connection ProtocolWiFi 2.4 GHz 802.11b/g/nWiFi 802.11b/g/n, 2.4 GHz ONLY
WiFi 2.4GHz 
MAX  Watt15 A / 1,800 W
Surge Protection ClaimsSafeguard electronics with advanced overcurrent, overvoltage, and surge protection,  Surge Protection: 3,000 A / 6,000 V
15A resettable circuit breaker
Advanced Power Protection > Dual overload protection for all outlets and USB ports respectively
 Power Button(s)Each Outlet has Power ButtonEach Outlet has Power Button (USB Ports stay Active)

1 Physical Mechicanal Button Turns off ENTIRE Strip including USB Ports

1 button turns on/off ALL outlets

Wire Length6.3 Feet5.0 Feet
Plug Size
Straight plug
Straight plug
Distance between Plugs

USB Ports
NoneYes, 3 PortsYes, 3 Ports
USB Port AmpsN/A2 ports at 1.0A, 1 at 2.1A2 ports at 2.0A, 1 at 3.0A (Quick Charge 3.0)
Physical DesignDurable aluminum frame Well Made, Feels GreatPlastic, Feels Cheap, LightweightPlastic, Lightweight, not cheap but also not top of the line
Power Monitor

Power Consumption Monitor

is Combined (Entire Strip)

Power Consumption is the sum of all the three AC outlets
Outlet C is the only one with Power Monitor
APP DesignBest "FREE" Homekit AppNeeds a lot more work It's OK but needs a little improvement
PrivacyNo email or other information requiredNeeds email Needs email
Certifications/ListingsUL, ROHS, FCCFCC, ROHSFCC,ROHS
Child LockYes, a software-based child lock. It can be reset though with a physical hard reset.nonenone

HOMEKIT Power Strip Comparison Chart