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Other devices with multi-functional buttons


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ADDITIONAL DISCLOSURE:  Ancall review units were provided by Ancall.  Read more about MDT's Ethics, here. 

These days everybody wants one device that does it all. Unfortunately, there's no such thing. But as technology advances, more and more things are capable of doing multiple things. Ancall has taken the normal bluetooth tracker and made its one do it all. It's the Ancall!

  • Camera Remote                        Play Music
  • Find Ancall                                  Find Phone
  • SOS Request                              Speed Dial
  • Record Audio                             Send SMS
  • Geofence                                     Counter
  • Navigation                                  Fake Call
  • Sound                                           Volume
  • Follow Me                                    Safe Arrival
  • Arrival Alert                                 Move Alert

PROs -  I love ability to program 3 different options. The one press, the double press, and the hold. 

CONs, - lots and lots of bugs within the app. It keeps telling me to reboot the app. Some of the tracking feature don't always work. No tracking feature will work with app off.  Some of the button feature require 2-tier activation or does not work in the background or in sleep modes.