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Aqara is a line of Smart Home tech that recently launched in the US. With the Aqara Hub, you can build a DIY Security System and Smarthome all in one system.  Aqara wired switches are extremely useful for your smart home.

They have two editions. One with a neutral wire requirement and one with NO Neutral wire required. Which is awesome cause a lot of home built before the 1980's do not have neutral wires.  Even though there no physical difference you can tell just by looking at the face of the switch, the neutral wire and no neutral wire editions are different in two small ways. 

The neutral wire edition allows the switch to be a Zigbee repeater. Extending your Zigbee network further away from the Aqara Hub.  So for those who have a large house, you should consider the neutral wire edition if you multiple Aqara devices. (Some Zigbee repeaters double the 32 device limit that the original hub has. But I don't know if that is the case with this repeater)  The Aqara hub does have a 32 device limit. 

Second, the neutral wire edition has energy monitoring.  If this feature is a must-have for you then you have to get this edition.

Both editions come in a single switch (rocker) and double (dual) switch (rocker) model.   

What's really cool about the dual switch model is that you can use the dual switch in a single gang set up and automate the second switch to control any other Homekit accessory. 

PROs - works with Homekit Alexa & Google Home, good range with Zigbee Hub, single and dual switch models, Neutral & No Neutral version available,  unused dual switch can be automated to control additional Homekit enabled device, 

CONs - cost, no other colors but white, requires a hub (additional cost), 



ADDITIONAL DISCLOSURE:  All Aqara review units were provided by Aqara for a honest review.  Read more about MDT's Ethics, here. 

By: Eric from ModernDayTech

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AQARA Switches

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