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1 Year REVIEW with carlock

CARLOCK TAG & 1 Year with carlock


 Advanced Real Time GPS Car Tracker & Alert System

CARLOCK Portable


ADDITIONAL DISCLOSURE:  All CarLock review units were provided by Carlock for an honest review.  Read more about MDT's Ethics, here. 

Real time GPS trackers require 3 main things.  Some type of service/app/server, some type of way to communicate (usually cellular) and lots of power. Replacing or recharging batteries are a hassle though.  Many things you might want to track have their own power in which you can tap into and charge up a GPS tracker automatically. Most cars built after 1996 have an OBD port in which a device like the Carlock can be plugged into to drawn power without a need to cut and solder wires together.  It's quick and easy to install. Lets check it out.

PROs - Has a built in battery so it can continue to track even when the car is off, carlock tag accessory removes the need for a manual, timed, or schedule  enabling and disabling the alarm, service fees are reasonable, 

CONs - bulky (but an extension wire can move the bulk to a better location),  Lots of false alerts without the use of Carlock tag, Delayed alerts, 

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There are many similar designed and sized GPS trackers on the market. All of them do the same thing. You can track and map in real-time over the internet or your mobile devices. You can get alerts for movement, speeding, low battery, and it even has an SOS Button. Some GPS trackers cost less upfront but then they charge extremely high monthly fees. CarLock is affordable and the monthly fee is one the cheapest I've seen.

On average I got about 7 days of battery life. CarLock says it can go up to 14 days but I think the only way of obtaining that battery life is not to move the tracker for those 14 days. I notice the tracker will update it's location more often as the tracker was moving. There is no way to change the refresh rate on how often the GPS location updates the app but I notice that while I was moving it would update about every minute. When I wasn't moving it wouldn't update as often. Whenever I hit the SOS button on the GPS tracker, it would give me two push notifications on my iPhone within 30 seconds which then I was able to open the app and see the exact location. If you want SMS (text message) or a phone call notifications it does cost extra but personally push notifications are more than enough for me.

In a nutshell, the CarLock Portable is a must-have for anybody that needs to track something valuable. It is a dependable GPS tracker that won't break the bank.

PROs - SOS button, a monthly fee only $9.60,  decent reliable tracking that refreshes more often the when the tracker is moving,

CONs - way too big to hide anywhere except in a car, battery life average is 7 days, no manual adjustment to the refresh rate,


By: Eric from