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A water leak in your house can cost you thousands of dollars worth of damage.  A simple water sensor around areas that have potential leaks can save you. The Eve Water Guard will alert you when you have a leak while you are home but also with the help of Apple Homekit, it will let you know when your not home so you can rush home and take care of the issue before it gets worst. 

PROs - Don't have to worry about batteries, you can use a 3.5mm audio cable to move the sensor wire to the location that you need it, works with Homekit, beeps loud when water is detected, notification sent to your phone when water is detected, alarm mute in eve app, eve app is awesome where you can set up conditions,

CONs-  expensive, no alarm mute in the Homekit app (only in the Eve App), uses Bluetooth (which has a limited range to notify you on your phone if no Bluetooth connection is available. You can use the Eve Extend to extend the range of Bluetooth for Eve accessories. The Alarm on the Water Guard still blasts,) no integration for Alexa or Google Home.

ADDITIONAL DISCLOSURE:  I purchased the Eve Water Guard.  Read more about MDT's Ethics, here. 

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