Smart locks are notorious for being big and ugly. The Friday Smart Lock from Friday Home wants to change that.  They have designed a Scandinavian Smart Lock that looks like no other.  Nor does it look like a smart lock, to begin with.  Plus it's super small. At one time, they claimed it to be the World's Smallest Smart Lock. 

PROs -  Small Scandinavian design that doesn't look like a smart lock, auto-unlock works well, works with Homekit,  ability to share with friends and family

CONs - Wifi On-Demand doesn't work, uses Bluetooth as the main communication (which you might have issues if you have a larger Homekit home since Wifi on-demand features doesn't work,) requires a phone number to set up, requires friends and family's phone number to share out,  battery life is only 3 months (still testing)


Still no Wi-Fi on Demand. My Homekit Hub is too far for Bluetooth to work with the lock so I need Wi-Fi to remotely let someone in when I'm not home. They say you activate the Wi-Fi on Demand by initiating the Unlock Access functionality in the Friday Home App. To do so support says, "You activate it by holding down the lock icon on the slider."  When I do this, the app crashes.

I still have the occasional connection issue as shown in my video.  Sometimes it doesn't unlock/lock the lock, and other times it does but still gives a connection issue warning. So it hard to know if they lock is really locked or not. 

BATTERY LIFE UPDATE:  still testing

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By: Eric from ModernDayTech