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Nobody likes passwords, but unfortunently is this roothless world, they are an abusult nesscasicty. If you want to secure your computer the moment that you walk away from you computer than the GateKeeper is a device that can do that for you. Then when you come back, it will unlock your computer without entering a password. 

PROs - easy lock and unlock (when it works), 3 different login options ( auto, touch, & 2 step), you can put the gatekeeper on you keys and use it as key tracker,

CONs- Mac version is still in BETA, sometimes the computer locks even when the GateKeeper is close to the USB dongle, sometimes the computer doesn't unlock when you come within range, 2-factor password is not a true 2-factor password, you can not use the same gatekeeper with your work and home computers unless you buy the enterprise version, 

By: Eric from