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iHere 3.0

By: Eric from

Now there's more rechargeable

trackers on the market.

Check them out.

There are plenty of non-replaceable battery bluetooth trackers/finders on the market and plenty that you can CHANGE the battery but today we look at the first one that you can recharge. It's a few years old but I wanted to check it out because the future is going to be about rechargeable trackers and finders so why not take a look at the first one. 

PROs- rechargeable ability, 

CONs- not louder enough, battery life is 14 days or less, charging plug is not always micro usb (some are and some are not), you have to manually set car finder feature, if you leave your finder in a setting other than phone finder setting you won't be able to find your phone,  finder device is too big,