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Keyport pivot

Customize and Accessorize with things that you can't find on Amazon

By: Eric from

If your're like me, you hate carrying a ton things in your pocket. But at the same time you like being prepared. Today we look at the KeyPort Pivot Key organizer that not only organizes your keys but allows you to easily carry other Every Day Carry items, like a knife, a flash light, a screw driver, a pen, a wrench, and plenty of other accessories. Plus, you able to track the entire thing via the TrackR app. SO COOL !!

PROs - Ability to fit your current keys into the pivot, lots of different accessories and modules to choose from, reduces  the size of your EDC, works with TrackR - one of the largest bluetooth finder communities, 

CONs - TrackR module does not ring very loud, only 3 colors,