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By: Eric from

MIniFinder ATTO

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The market for GPS trackers is huge. Recently many manufactures have been getting request for GPS trackers for their pet.  The ones on the market already were to big and/or not water resistant. The demand is high so they had to build one specifically for pets.  But is there a GPS tracker that meet all the specs that you want? From accuracy, battery life, features and cost are among some of the important ones. The MiniFinder Atto might meet a lot of your specs so let’s check it out.

PROs - Designed for the pet’s collar and its not to bulky, good water resistance but only tested with the USB cover on (read below) 

 CONs- Notifications are only seen when the app is active, no USA number provided, battery life is about a day with normal occasional movement or about 3 days with NO movement, USB cover breaks off easily, calling feature doesn't work even with an international number, some geofences can't be deleted in the app, over all needs lots of work on the app