By: Eric from ModernDayTech

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MyCharge Hub Turbo is an ALL-IN-ONE POWER BANK. That features everything you will need to charge your devices with no added accessories. Gone are days of carrying a battery pack, wires, and a power adapter.  

Features PD & Qualcomm fast charging (QC 3.0) for compatible phones,  two Built-in Cables one for Apple (iPhone Lightning) & one for Samsung and other phones that use USB Type C. It has pass-through charging that will charge the MyCharge and connected device simultaneously. 

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The battery packs 10050 mAh so you can charge most phones 2-4 times before you have to recharge it. The only button is the power & battery meter button which will turn the power after you plug a device in, and show the battery level in 25% increments.  It also features an additional USB-A plug at the bottom where you can plug in additional items with your own cable.

They say the battery will maintain the battery power for up to 1 year.  As I continue using this over the next year, I update my pros & cons below.   They also sell the MyCharge Hub Univeral which is an identical unit to the Hub Turbo just without the fast charging, so if you only have iPhone, I would recommend the HubMax Universal to save a little money. 

I originally thought the unit was heavy at 9.25oz or 264g but after comparing it to other similar batteries I've used in the past (all without wall adapters & wires attached) it weighed about the same.   My only wish was the Hub Turbo would also have additional power inputs so I can charge the Hub Turbo in places like my car.  It's a minor wish. Overall a great product that I will continue to use for years to come.  (Even if Apple switches to USB-C, fingers crossed)

PROs- All-in-one design (Power adapter (wall prongs), USB-C or Lighting Wire, and Battery), Fast Charging for compatible phones (Qualcomm Quick Charge), 

CONs- Cost (website is expensive but you can find it cheaper on Amazon below),  only one power input (wall plug)