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ZUS Tire Pressure Monitor

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Today's cars are expensive but they include some really cool tech. If you have an older car like me that runs great but you want some of those cool tech things that you see in newer cars, in you car, then you want to check some of the products from Nonda. They have a product line just for us called ZUS.  They make great products to bring our older car up to today's technology standards.  Some are just for convenience and some are must-have safety upgrades. Let's check one that everyone must have. The Nonda ZUS Smart Tire Safety Monitor. 

PROs- easy to install, helps to save a little gas, award winning app, works with other ZUS products within the same app,  slow leak detection, helps to keep the family safe, receiver has reversible pass-through USB charger, notification of adverse tire condition on the receiver  (flashing light and beeping) even if the phone is not within range, ZUS app does not need running background app on iOS devices to receive notifications on your phone, 

CONs- potential theft or manipulation of tire sensors, only up 1 year battery life on the tire sensors, lights on the right side of receiver can be hard to see to a driver on the left, (and vise versa) due to the lights being on the side of the received instead of the top (but not a huge issue since it will also beep if there is an adverse condition),