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Power! Without it we lose our connection to the world and nobody likes that feeling. So having extra power on hand is a must have when you travel or anytime you're not 3 feet away from an outlet. Thus the need for power banks. But if your like me, you lose things all the time including these essential power banks but the help of the 2-in-1 power bank from Orbit, you can easily press a button on your phone and find your power bank in heart beat.

PROS- 4 different colors; battery meter; distance meter; you can find your iPhone even after the app is turned off  on iOS devices (bluetooth automatically reconnects after a few minutes); has a selfie taking feature; 

CONS- overall sound level not loud for very long, which makes its hard to hear; battery only 5000 mAh,  only 5V 1A in, only 5V 1A out, no USB C, no Lighting, no built in wire, no ability to share out your tracker with a friend or family member; range is very very limited

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By: Eric from


By: Eric from