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Just about everybody and their mother is trying to make a bluetooth tracker. Its the same thing over and over. Its very rare when a company comes out with a bluetooth tracker that has a feature that no other bluetooth tracker has. Along comes Pixie....with its augmented realty feature, it has something that no other tracker has. Check out the video and lets see what it can do. 

PROS: Augmented realty and metal detector(like) searching ability, which is great for someone who is hearing impaired. 

CONS: They advertise it as 2 pack or 4 pack, but in reality, you only have 1 or 3, because you have to put one one your phone; IOS app only; Pixie Points do not have any audio (ringing) ability, so it takes longer to find; Pixie Points don't have a button to search for your phone; Battery is non-replaceable; Pixie dust feature is not accurate

By: Eric from