SmartThings has always been an awesome home/work automation platform.  They've recently released a brand new GPS tracker that not only tracks your asset but also triggers home/work automations upon that asset entering and/or leaving a predetermined zone.  Two cool things put into one device.  Let's check it out.

PROs - small design,  entering and/or leaving automations,  SOS feature, Tracking Log, Multiple ways to refresh the location,  power saving mode

CONs -  LTE Cat.M1 chip might not work in 3G & 2G areas (based on my research about the chip, so I'm not 100% sure), non-replaceable battery, no buzzer,  micro usb (should be USB C or wireless for 2018),  no auto on (if it loses power and you recharge it, you'll have to turn it back on manually)

Battery Life Chart:

Refresh RateDays est.PowerSaving Mode 
10 minutes3-3.5 daysOFF
30 minutes3.5-4 daysOFF
60 minutes3.5-4 daysOFF
180 minutes3.5-4 daysOFF
300 minutes3.5-4 days
10 minutestesting
ON  (based on my movements though)
30 minutes
ON  (based on my movements though)
60 minutes
ON  (based on my movements though)
180 minutes
ON  (based on my movements though)
300 minutes
ON  (based on my movements though)

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