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By: Eric from ModernDayTech

Copyright © 2020. - All rights reserved.

The SpotyPal Tracker is a Bluetooth tracker that tries to be different to stand out from the competition.  


  1. NtF list (not seen any other tracker I've tested),  Alows you to quickly look at the screen to make sure you have all you Spotypals with you.  (You have to have multiple)
  2. Battery meter
  3. Separation alerts on both Spotypal and phone, option for nearby alerts to let know when it reconnects with your phone, option to disable button completely (not seen in any other tracker)  
  4. Option for NtF list only (thus saving battery life) Only connects when you're on the NtF screen.
  5. 3 different button commands (1 press, 2 press, long press) that you can program to do different things (even though there's only 2 options, ring phone & SOS)
  6. Has Panic feature that will email designed contact with your location


  1. Doesn't work on iOS devices unless the app is running in the background,
  2. only option to prevent false separation alerts is an alert delay timer (no location-based, no wifi based, or any other preventative),
  3. the Panic feature is only email (NO SMS), Alarm feature no active on iOS devices,