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ADDITIONAL DISCLOSURE:  Starling Hub review units was provided by Starling  for this review.  Read more about MDT's Ethics, here. 

By: Eric from ModernDayTech

Bring over Facial Recognition from Nest into your HomeKit Home and AUTOMATE. Turn on a light bulb blue when your best friend is at the door or green when a package is delivered. Or even unlock your front door lock automatically as you approach it. So many possibilities that this technology can lead to. What will you use it for? The Starling Hub ( is the star of the show. It allows Nest products to talk to Apple HomeKit in which you can then automate to your heart's intent. This brilliant device is so simple to set up and simple to use. Bring one or bring all of your Nest accessories into your favorite platform, HOMEKIT!

PROs- Quick and simple setup, easy to use, great user experience, brings over all Nest products to HomeKit, brings over facial recognition and package delivery as motion sensor which you can turn into automations within homekit, 

CONs- slight lag in video footage, slight delay in audio,  voice feedback with 2-way audio