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FINGERPRINTER READER -  Setting up your fingerprints is quite easy. The lock will not open up for unauthorized people and Tapplock claims 99.99% accuracy so you can rest assured it's pretty secure. You can set one fingerprint for each of your fingers. Unlike many phones that take multiple angles of your fingerprints, Tapplock only allows one per finger.  The reader is very sensitive so you do need to be aware of the position of your finger on the sensor.  I actually found that on average that it took 2-4 tries. So my recommendation is just to assign 1-3 finger and assign the remaining open spaces to multiple angles of the original 1-3 finger used.  Thus having multiple angles of the same finger.  By doing this, you reduce the likely-hood of bad reading when you are rushing to open your locks.

APP UNLOCKING - You'll need to download the app, which is available in the Apple app store or the google play store to setup fingerprints for the Tapplocks. Also in the app, you can use the app to unlock the lock via Bluetooth.  I don't see a huge plus here for you to unlock via the app cause it will be faster using the fingerprint reader but the real benefit here is sharing out lock access and the people you choose can unlock the lock via Bluetooth on their phone, with no need to assign a fingerprint or morse-code. You can restrict their access at any time within the app. 

MORSE -CODING UNLOCKING - You have to set up the morse code feature inside the app and you have to have a 6-8 code.  You can make it as easy or as hard as you would like.  It's probably a little easier to hack the morse code over the fingerprint reader but never the less, it will take people days to try all the possible combinations.  I tested the locks with SHORT SHORT LONG LONG SHORT SHORT.  To get it into morse code mode, you have press the power button 3 times, then press the power button again short short long long short short so as you can imagine it took a little practice at first.  But overall it's pretty to figure out.   

SHARING -  You can share your locks with unlimited users. You can set permanent access or limited access with flexible dates and times. You can then track and monitor access from the Tapplock app.

WATER RESISTANT - Tapplock One+ states: Industry-leading IP67 waterproof rating allows Tapplock one+ to function even when completely submerged. Dust-proof and rust-proof. Functional between -20C to 65C (-4F to 149F). While the Tapplock Lite does not state any water-resistant and should not be used outside or near water. 

SECURITY -  The Tapplock One+ is by far beefier than the lite version.  Just like most padlocks, neither lock will stop someone from cutting the lock if they truly want to break the lock.  I think though both can provide a secure way to lock something up in the general sense but I would not advise someone to use them for high-security or valuable assets. If you need to share out access to the lock with multiple users and at the same time, you want to easily restrict access, then these locks are for you. 

BATTERY LIFE & CHARGING - You can check the battery level in the app when you are connected to the lock via Bluetooth.  On Tapplock One+ it uses a proprietary wire and the battery life is approximately 1 year. On Tapplock Lite, it uses a micro USB wire and the battery life is approximately 8 months.

DIED BATTERY? - If by chance the battery has died when you go to open it, you can simply use a portable battery pack to charge the Tapplock for  8 seconds, which will provide enough power to unlock it. 

PROS - no keys or codes to forget or lose, faster and easier to unlock than a normal combo lock,  easy to change sharing/access rights 

CONS - price: more expensive than a normal padlock, 

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By: Eric from ModernDayTech

TAPPLOCK was one of the first fingerprint locks on the market.  There are now two different Tapplocks on the market. The Tapplock one+ and the Tapplock Lite. Both can be opens with their fingerprint sensors and both can be opened via the app or morse-code also. 

DIFFERENCES:  The main differences between the Tapplock One + and the Tapplock Lite is their size.  For stronger, heavier and overall more secure lock, go for the One+, but if you looking for a light but effective lock then go for the lite.  They both have the same features with a fingerprint reader, app unlocking and morse-code unlocking.   The lite has the power button built into the shackle of the lock, that you have to push down to turn on the fingerprint reader, put into Bluetooth mode, or put into the morse-code mode, where-as the one+ has an actual button towards the bottom of the device. I actually prefer the button built into the shackle but like the heavier one+ better overall.