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TILE Slim - 2020

By: Eric from ModernDayTech

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ADDITIONAL DISCLOSURE:  Tile review units were provided by Tile. I also bought additional Tile's with my own funds.  Read more about MDT's Ethics, here. 

Tile Slim was originally released in September 2016 and it hasn't been updated since. Until now. Introducing the new long-awaited Tile Slim 2020. Different color, Different shape, and now with 3-year battery life.

PROS - improved battery life (read con & update), largest crowd finding community, slim enough to put into a wallet, 

CONS - sealed 3-year battery (should have been a wirelessly rechargeable battery)

Real Life Battery Update: 8 months in the battery died. (Unit was used for extensive testing and distance videos (not normal uses) but still feels very short of advertised  battery life) Under warranty, I was sent a new one. (I had to provide proof of receipt and stay on the phone for almost 30 minutes troubleshooting and jumping through hoops) Warranty unit had no box and it was just thrown in an envelope, but did not show signs of wear. (Kinda felt though it was a refurbished unit,  but who knows???) 

This does not mean the battery life is not what they advertised. (Could have been my extesive testing or a bad unit) I will continue updating my website as my other Tile Slim is used.

Distance Test Video - here