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By: Eric from 



Tile, Inc. has just come out with their new redesigned bluetooth tracker call the Tile Mate. Tile, Inc. is one of the largest, well known, and most hated for their non-replaceable bluetooth trackers in the world.  But even though they are hated for their non-replaceable battery, they are loved for how well their devices work. They save people so much time finding their keys, wallets, bags and more. But how could they get better without losing the revenue stream of having devices that had to be replaced every year. They had to go smaller...

PROs - 25% smaller than then original Tile, still the largest lost & found community, cool new accessories like the Tile zip strap and the Tile iron-on pocket, smaller key ring hole,I t can now ring your phone without the background app running on iOS

CONS - Sound level is not as loud as the previous version,  non-replaceable battery, smaller key ring hole so it can't fit most carabiners 

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