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Voyage-Blue RFID Blocking Wallet, Wallet Tag & Smart Tag

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By: Eric from

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Normally, RFID-Blocking wallets and Bluetooth trackers don't mix. You may experience reduce signal range and/or connection issues, which is shown in my previous video " Tile's Biggest Issue"  but Voyager Blue has said that their patent products work together.  Check out the unboxing and first look video.  

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RFID-Block Wallet 

PROS - Great leather design with the red accents,  RFID shielded card slots and RDIF shielded window slot , has a dedicated pouch for the Wallet Tag,  does not block the signal of bluetooth trackers (not wallet tag, tile slim, or chipolo card)

CONS - The extra card slots (non-shielded) are not removable so its makes the wallet thicker,  since it doesn't block the signal of bluetooth trackers-will it block the signal of your RFID and NFC chips of your credit cards and ID etc? 


PROS- Small,  Thin,  Fits perfectly into the Voyager Blue RFID Blocking Wallet, separation alert (only rings on the phone)

CONS- NO SPEAKER,  Must have the app running to work, Separation Alerts don't have a quiet safe zone (coming 2017),  lack of community finding feature,


PROS- One of the Loudest tracker I've tested at over 100db ,  "YOU GOT A PHONE CALL" feature, separation alert

CONS - bulky compared to other trackers - Must have the app running to work, Separation Alerts don't have a quiet or safe zone (coming 2017), lack of community finding feature,

10% OFF using code - MDFM10​

10% OFF using code - MDFM10​