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By: Eric from ModernDayTech

THIS IS A SPONSORED REVIEW - but all opinions are my own

Vyncs GPS Tracker For Your Car is a simple device that plugs directly into your vehicle transmitting its location, speed, and much much more - Track your Teenage Driver and get alerts when she drives recklessly, or go out of a preset geofence area. 

PROs - GPS updates every 3 minutes while the vehicle is on,  GPS updates every hour while the vehicle is off, plugs directly into the OBD II port, no need to hardwire, optional add on's for fast GPS updates, dependable GPS locating, Geo-fenced areas, Speeding alerts and other Driver Safety Alerts, Road Side Assistance is available (additional cost), Vehicle Maintenance & OEM Recall Alerts, 

CONs - one-time activation fee is required (it should just be in the purchase price), device sticks out of the OBD II port too far (you can purchase a low-profile extension that will solve this issue and allow you hide the device better.) The device can be disconnected and discard in the event of vehicle theft (The thief has to be smart enough to look there though)