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By: Eric from

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THIS IS A SPONSORED REVIEW - but all opinions are my own

The Weatherman umbrella can handle winds up to 55mph, has a bluetooth tracker so you can find your misplace umbrella, an accompanying weather app that notifies you of possible bad weather reminding you to take the umbrella with you, and tons of other great features. They even make a golf umbrella version. Let's check it out...

PROS - Multiple colors and sizes, heavy duty construction, industrial-strength fiberglass, Teflon-coated fabric, UPF 50+ barrier (golf), vented canopies, Weatherman Umbrella app notifies you of weather conditions

CONS - Bluetooth has a lot of connection issues with the app. 

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10% OFF using promo code - NOMOREPUDDLES

10% OFF using promo code - NOMOREPUDDLES

By: Eric from

Weatherman Umbrella