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I love Homekit but many accessories lack features seen in other products that don't support Homekit. One of them being a 3-way switch where you only have to replace 1 of the 2 switches. All Homekit brands (that I know of) that make 3-way switches for Homekit except one, require you to replace both switches.  Which cost double the price and double the amount of time to install.  The Wemo 3-way is different.  You can replace just one switch and it will make the entire circuit smart.  

NOTE: it does require a neutral wire in all applications.

PROS -  Only known 3-way switch that only requires just 1 Switch per circuit for HomeKit, can install in the switch in a 4-way light circuit if one of the switches is a 3-way,  

CONS - issues with the initial setup in the Wemo app/Homekit, (took over 15 minutes messing with app/HomeKit to get it installed.) Operating any switch in the circuit "rapidly" will cause the switch to shutdown and reboot or flicker the lights on and off randomly. 

By: Eric from ModernDayTech

WEMO 3-Way Smart Switch

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