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WIstiki Voilá

Bluetooth trackers are so popular that everybody wants to get in on it. From all around the world, companies are getting in on the technology and trying to outdo the competition. Today we look at Bluetooth tracker from France. A country that is known for great food and fashion. Let's see what they can do in the bluetooth tracker realm. First up the Wistiki Voilá. 

PROs- 3 year battery life (not tested yet), multiple colors, has a tether feature (in & out of range notifications), waterproof (not tested yet), other sizes/designs are coming out soon, two community finding features ( 1. Crowd GPS (FYI, it doesn't have GPS) 2. Found a Wistiki? option in which you can directly communicate with it's owner)

CONs- price is higher than every other bluetooth tracker I've seen, doesn't work with the app shutdown (tested only on the iPhone), device rings for less than 10 seconds, tether feature did not work in my test (I'm sure app & firmware updates will fix this issue), some places on the website says its battery only last 2 years (which one is it?)

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