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I have been an enormous Nest Cam fanboy even before they were called Nest Cams, but today I am going to try out a Wyze Cam V2.  Wyze Cam has taken over the do it yourself home security camera industry by storm.  With the Wyze Camera only costing a 20-30 dollars compare their competitors that cost upwards of a couple hundred. Let's review it and see what this Nest fanboy thinks of the Wyze Cam...

PROs - dirt cheap, 12-second FREE clip recordings stored in the cloud, 24/7 local recording with soon Max Drive, IFTTT support, Time-lapse recording, motion tagging, highlights motion, works with Alexa devices with screens,

CONs - only 15fps, hard to find footage, Wyze recommends SD cards under 32GB (It still works with bigger SD cards, but they don't suggest anything larger than 32GB),  only works on 2.4GHz wifi networks, 5 minute cooldown periods between notification (limiting the number of free stored clips. Just make sure you install an SD card and all your footage is recorded 24/7 to the card.) Until the WyzeDrive comes out there is no way to backup footage, required push-to-talk to use 2-way communication, 

By: Eric from ModernDayTech


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