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Ticktalk 2.0

By: Eric from

I have reviewed a bunch of small GPS trackers that would be great to be place on children when you need that extra layer of security. But the issue is, with all of them, is that your child doesn't like wearing a GPS tracker. Most of them have lanyards, key loops, or clips that are uncomfortable or are just too easy to come off. That's why TickTalk is great. It's child's watch with built-in GPS + Wifi + LBS tracker built in. Plus with a built in microphone and speaker, it turns a GPS watch into a cell phone. Let's check it out...

PROs - Great form factor for kids, Touch screen which is easy for kids to operate,  Built in cell phone to call parents or other preset contacts, SOS button, Wifi tracking is good for indoors when there is no GPS signal, Super Hearing mode (to listen in undetected) 

CONs-  Battery life is less than 8 hours,  No noticeable difference in battery life in power saver mode, No way to force GPS cellular only tracking (which is 3 feet to 100 feet) even outdoors the primary way to track was done by public wi-fi (which is 200 feet to 2 miles),  Limited  to 5 alarms and 5 to-do list, occasionally the app will say the watch is offline for no apparent reason even though it has power and cell reception. 

*Please be a responsible parent or guardian. There is no tool, technology, or gadget to replace your responsibilities.  Technologies such as GPS trackers are just to add peace of mind & convenience, not to replace your responsibility.  Please watch your kids.

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