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TickTalk 3 Kids GPS Watch is the newest GPS watch to track your kids.  Know within seconds where your kids are, you have the ability to call them, and new in this model is FaceTalk, where you can have a video conversion right from your phone to their watch.

PROs - Great form factor for kids, Touch screen which is easy for kids to operate,  Built-in cell phone to call parents or other preset contacts, SOS button,  FaceTalk is awesome. Super Hearing mode (to listen in undetected)is useful under the right circumstances, Battery Life is increased compared to their previous model (not great), Increased reminders from 5 to 20.

CONs -  No  major noticeable difference in battery life in power saver mode, No way to force GPS only tracking,  even outdoors the primary way to track was done by public Wi-Fi (it's ok but is more accurate with GPS),  FaceTalk has a narrow camera, Battery Life is now 8-10 hours with normal use (compared to less than 8 hours in their previous model,

Battery info - Battery life varies from user conditions and usage.  Battery life will be used more if WiFi is not around and the watch is forced to use 4G. The more the child plays with the watch and/or make phone calls more battery will be used. The more parents track their kids via the app, the more battery life will be consumed. 

*Please be a responsible parent or guardian. There is no tool, technology, or gadget to replace your responsibilities.  Technologies such as a GPS trackers are just to add peace of mind & convenience, not to replace your responsibility.  Please watch your kids. 

By: Eric from ModernDayTech

Ticktalk 3